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MLB Power Rankings: National League powers Which makes the The Dodgers stay at Top

the Power Rankings this week and they are far and away the best team in the NL, which doesn’t place another team in the top five overall. The Dodgers don’t figure to go anywhere and it looks like once again the road to the World Series on the NL side will run through Dodger Stadium, just as it has four of the last six seasons.


They’ve been in first place pretty much throughout the season and have mostly been consistently good.

definitely like the Phillies to remain in contention the rest of the way and feel like they’re a playoff team, but there are legitimate concerns.


Also they come again, having wining the six of their last eight games, Braves are actually 18-9 since May 9, but they still seem to even out on burner, when they lost four of five to close May


The Brewers actually lead the league in homers by a nice margin. The Yasmani Grandal signing has been amazing, too. The Brewers also have a problem at first base

. Cubs

They’ve been the second-best team in the NL for most of the season, but with two extreme poor and bad stretches.  by starting  the season 1-6 and just currently lost eight of 10 before getting in form again. There isn’t much reason for concern with the offense, even if it’s top heavy and very reliant on four stars.

The Field

Could someone else emerge? Sure! The Diamondbacks and Padres are within striking range and have talent. The Rockies run really hot and cold and a well-timed hot streak has gotten them to the postseason before. Hell, they rode one to the 2007 NL pennant. The Mets seem hopelessly broken, but they aren’t far off of .500 and all it would take is a hot streak.

My pick here is we see Cubs vs. Dodgers, Part III — a rubber match, if you will! — it will be up set and still have far more than half the regular season left before a Wild Card Game (I’ll say Phillies vs. Brewers with the Braves taking the East) and the divisional round. Maybe the Dodgers even get shocked in the NLDS round? Regardless of how it goes down, it’s going to be fun.



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