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Fake account retracts Raheem Mostert trade request

On Wednesday, agent Brett Tessler tweeted that 49ers running back Raheem Mostert has asked for a trade. On Thursday, a fake account created by someone posing as Tessler retracted the request.

“After recent backlash from yesterday’s trade request, me and my client @RMos_8Ball are rescinding our trade request from the San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco is the best place for Mostert to be and I failed to realize that,” said the phony account.

Contacted by PFT, Tessler said that he has not rescinded the trade request, and that the trade request still stands.

So what happened? It’s a simple ruse. The imposter account replaces the “L” in “TesslerSports” with a capital “I”. Voila. Fake account.

Give it a look . . . real TesslerSports account with lower-case “L” is here. Fake TesslerSports account with upper-case “I” is here.

The trade request comes from the real account. The retraction comes from the fake account.



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