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Rosters are expected to be at 80 for training camp

As rookies begin to show up for training camp, some of the undrafted ones may not be staying for very long.

According to NFL Media, the NFL Players Association has informed players that roster sizes at the outset of training camp will likely be 80, not 90. This means that 10 players per team will be cut before training camp even opens. Which means that some of the undrafted rookies who already have shown up could be shown the door.

NFLPA leadership and the rank and file aren’t necessarily on the same page when it comes to training camp roster sizes. The players don’t want 320 jobs to instantly evaporate. Even those who have secure roster spots realize that, for some of them, a smaller training-camp roster could mean more work as everyone gets the various reps they need to get ready for the season.

The teams prefer to have more players, too, even if the league office isn’t objecting to the reduction from 90 to 80 per team.

Of course, the 10 who get cut by each team would be wise to stay in shape. Some if not most if not all will be brought back if/when players on the roster test positive.


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