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Jazz guard Justin Wright-Foreman apologizes for retweeting ‘Nick cannon said nothing wrong’

Nick Cannon said racist and anti-Semitic things.

Jazz guard Justin Wright-Foreman retweeted “Nick cannon said nothing wrong. Everyone just sensitive and hates the truth”:

Nick cannon said nothing wrong. Everyone just sensitive and hates the truth.

— Zoya ? (@zdg__) July 15, 2020

Wright-Foreman, Eric Walden of The Salt Lake Tribune:

“First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my retweet. I wasn’t educated enough on the topic,” Wright-Forman said. “And therefore, I just want to say that I apologize. I do not mean to offend anybody. And those are not my beliefs and values. And I just want to once again say I apologize.”

“I wasn’t knowledgeable of what he had said or what he meant by it. So I guess, I was scrolling and did this by accident. I apologize,” Wright-Foreman said. “Like I said, I didn’t mean to offend anybody by the tweet. I didn’t mean to make anybody feel any type of way. And I apologize again.”

Former Heat star Dwyane Wade tweeted support for Cannon. Then, Wade clarified he meant for only Cannon’s branding-rights dispute – not Cannon’s words.

Wright-Foreman’s retweet specifically referred to what Cannon said, leaving no such out for the rookie out of Hofstra.

I’m unsure what Wright-Foreman meant by “accident.” Did he just mistakenly hit retweet? That can happen, and if that were the case, a quick explanation would be sufficient.

But that doesn’t match Wright-Foreman explaining he wasn’t educated on the topic. If that’s the root of the problem, this episode reflects poorly on Wright-Foreman’s credibility. He says he implicitly endorsed what Cannon said without even knowing what Cannon said. That’s not great.

But it’s at least better than actually supporting the racism and anti-Semitism that Cannon espoused.


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